Sculpted portraits (busts or medallions) and other ornamental decorations in stone, marble, plaster or bronze

The portrait (two- or threedimensional, that is to say medallions or busts) is for me one of the most captivating aspects of sculpture.I have always been fascinated by the portrait, not just because of the technical difficulties of its representation.

It seems to me that the portrait is the essence of sculpture, like the voice is the essence of music; looking at a bust made by one of the great sculptors of the past like Houdon can move me in the same way as listening to a cantate by Bach.

The great sculptors of bygone eras like Maurice Quentin De La Tour, Houdon, Pigalle, Pajou have, by their masterpieces, bequeathed to us the proof of their mastery and their sensibility and shown how to meet the demands of the discipline.

It is in trying to follow in their footsteps that I want to bring my skills to perfection.