Sculpted portraits (busts or medallions) and other ornamental decorations in stone, marble, plaster or bronze

Ornamental sculpture has the function to adorn and decorate a building. Taking his/her inspiration from a thorough knowledge of the characteristic styles of the different eras of our history, an ornamental sculptor will copy, create or restore two- or threedimensional decorations matching the architecture of the building he/she is working on.Wanting to create ‘ornaments’ in keeping with the style of a specific era, I immerse myself in the spirit of that particular period by studying its texts, images and monumental buildings.Sketching and then modelling in clay the different decorative elements that surround us make me feel completely at ease with them. There is a large choice of decorative elements, figurative or abstract, as for instance the gargoyles and chimera’s in the animal world, but also the multiple forms based on the vegetal world.

Finally there are also the human figures, more or less realistic, like for instance Cupids; all these different forms will come to life in the materials I work with.