Sculpted portraits (busts or medallions) and other ornamental decorations in stone, marble, plaster or bronze

I was born in Mulhouse (France) 29 January 1974, and after finishing secondary educationI obtained a degree (1995) in Visual Arts in Strasbourg.I then trained as an Arts teacher. Having taught for more than 10 years,I followed (2008-2009) a course in Blois to become a stone-mason.After qualifying as a professional stone-mason I was employed for two years in this capacity by two companies specialised in the restoration of old buildings.

In 2011-2012 a year’s training in the atelier of Marc Chevalier-Lacombe, master-sculptor, has taught me that my real vocation is sculpting.

That is why in 2013 I set up my own atelier as a professional sculptor, specialising in portraits and ornamental sculpture, inspired by the classical French tradition.